May 03, 2010

This week in wildlife

The blustery weather isn't such a bad thing; April's showers were long overdue. Spring requires huge amounts of power to perform, and that means rain, as well as sunshine. A few wet days and the grass has grown and got greener, and in the Nature Garden the brambles and cow parsley are waist-high. On the verges the first flush of dandelions have run to seed, and choirs of clocks now stand like little ghost-headed children where the yellow flowers were.

A robin has built a nest in the extractor that takes damp air out of our bathroom - which explains the debris that kept collecting in the shower. The power having long since failed, it only spins when the wind is in the right direction, which, given that it faces into our little side yard, is infrequently. It's lovely to have a nest this year; I can't wait to hear the insistent cheeping of the chicks when I have my morning shower. Perhaps we'll have great tits, too; we've swapped the two boxes, so the one with the larger hole is now on their favoured location on the shed. Fingers crossed all our activity hasn't put them off!