May 09, 2010

This week in wildlife

Woe, woe - the robins have moved out of the extractor vent, taking their nest, twig by twig, with them. Was it something we said? I've tried to find out more about why birds do this - rather than simply starting a new nest elsewhere - but no luck so far. We're very disappointed that we won't be able to watch them bring up their chicks.
The magnolias have now lost their waxy petals and are in full leaf, as have the bird cherries. Here and there a horse chestnut is candled in blooms, and there are late cherries still out, but for the most part the spring-flowering trees have gone over.
The ducks in the Nature Garden are down to a pair again, the rogue male finally having given up and flown away. There are bluebells out there, both native and Spanish, and the nettles, brambles, cow parsley and goosegrass are now growing so fast that on every visit it looks different.
On the common the oaks are in leaf - this year before the ash, which would presage a dry summer were trees able to tell the future. The undergrowth is full of chiffchaffs, and thrushes sing out from the trees.