April 29, 2012

The rain it raineth every day

It's raining. It has rained every single day for over ten days now. I can't think of another such period of sustained wet weather for several years – though if you don't have a garden (or a motorbike) you tend to notice such things less.

A friend texts me from Germany. He's at an outdoor party in a wood near Dresden, where it is 28 degrees. Unimaginable! Here it's dark outside, the clouds louring; rain dashes against the windows in fits or drips sadly down the panes, and on Tooting Common the water stands in grey sheets, drowning the spring grass. The birds dash out between showers, desperate for food; many will be incubating eggs, sitting damp and chill on wet nests. Few insects fly. It may be fine weather for ducks, but it's not looking good for my garden birds.