September 29, 2012


Much excitement this week as the trailer I'm making for Clay is starting to come together. Instead of filming (which was proving too difficult) I've decided to illustrate the voiceover with stills; a more sensible idea, given that photography is one of my skills and moving images aren't. So I've been out with the camera in SW2, taking pictures to illustrate the passages I'll be reading; once I have a final selection of 30 or so I'll put them together using iMovie, and add a filter and transitions:

I've also recorded my voiceover, with the aid of Peter Rogers. It was a more involved and intense process than I had expected; hopefully, of the six or eight takes he'll find something usable. Then, he'll create a soundtrack to fit around the words, using field recordings he's been making and his own musical skills. I can't wait to hear what he comes up with...