July 06, 2013

A load of old rubbish

A hot weekend and my local parks are full of picnickers and sunbathers... and litter. Orange Sainsbury's carriers blow cheerily about; discarded crisp bags and cigarette packets stud the grass, each bench is ringed with empty beer cans while dog poo bags, with poo inside, seem to be everywhere except in the bins. Last weekend I even saw a child's nappy pushed into a hole at the base of a tree.

I just cannot fathom it. It's not as though there aren't any litter bins.

Most trips to the park for me now involve picking up at least a few pieces of litter and putting it in the bin. But I shouldn't have to. Who are the people who have so little sense of civic responsibility, so little pride in their local area, that they consider their leavings to be someone else's problem? Who are the dog owners who bag up their dog's poo only to leave it on a tree stump, or tossed into the bushes? I'm starting to think we need another big 'Keep Britain Tidy' campaign.