April 16, 2009

This week in wildlife

For the most part, the borough of Lambeth’s tree branches are still bare, though here and there a cherry blushes cornelian or blesses the pavement beneath with palest pink, and outside some lucky houses magnolias have begun to open their miraculous, waxy blooms. From earthy islets in front gardens’ crazy paving, specimen roses unfurl new, red leaves; while from verge, bed and the South Circular’s central reservation nod our municipal daffs.

From Cornwall eastwards the nation’s ponds have been thickening with spawn, while in cities from Edinburgh to Portsmouth feral pigeons have begun to puff and strut lustily. Now the postman finds himself shadowed on his morning rounds by wood pigeons’ throaty coos, while on sunny afternoons starlings click and chatter from the aerials; avian telegraph operators sending news about each street’s coming and goings on the wires.