May 26, 2012

A death

A sad end for one fledgling blue tit, which somehow fell into our watering can and drowned. It was almost fully feathered, patchily yellow on its chest, its scaly dinosaur feet comically big. The 'gape' – which turns its beak into a diamond-shaped target for its parents' food drops – would have disappeared slowly over the course of a couple of weeks, had it survived.

It's been windy since yesterday, which is often bad news for baby birds at this time of the year. Last year we saw several that had been blown unceremoniously from their nests after a day of high winds. Even those that have already fledged may find they haven't racked up enough flying hours to cope with strong gusts. 

At least the rain has stopped, and the sunshine that's followed it has brought the grass, nettles and cow parsley powering up from the soil, determined to make up for lost time.