February 22, 2014

Common birds

According to Twitter, two sparrowhawks were seen hunting over Tooting Common today; by the time we got there, at about 10.30am, they were nowhere to be seen. There were birds everywhere, though: feral pigeons, robins and wrens singing, a thrush calling its loud and repetitive notes, parakeets marauding in the trees, great tits singing, starlings chattering, crows and gulls flying overhead. There was a group of either fieldfares or redwings, too; we didn't get close enough to ID them reliably.

What I'd love to hear is a blackbird singing; it's early, and last year I didn't hear one until the spring equinox, but it's so mild that anything's possible. The crocuses are up, the daffs are coming out and much of my summer bedding, like the lobelias and snapdragons, has survived the winter and is starting to grow again.