January 31, 2015

Big Garden Birdwatch

I had a great Big Garden Birdwatch this year, spotting a dunnock, a single long-tailed tit, a coal tit and goldfinches as well as our usual quotient of blackbirds, robins, house sparrows and pigeons. A gull, a magpie and a crow flew overhead, too, but our wren was absent, and there was no greater spotted woodpecker, which we often see on a tree at the end of our garden. Still, some years we've only seen two or three birds in the whole hour, so it was great to be able to report a good range.

Birds seem to be doing well on Tooting Common, too. According to Twitter, a little owl has been photographed there, we saw a green woodpecker the other day, and my husband got pretty close to a goldcrest this week. Nuthatches can often be heard, and some local birders have reported a lesser spotted woodpecker: with similar plumage to the black-and-while greater spotteds that we often see (including in our garden), but the size of a sparrow, that's one bird I'd really love to tick off my list.